About the Christian Church in Maidstone

Did you know?

  • The Christian Church in Maidstone is made up of lots of different groups, or ‘congregations‘ of people.
  • Although the word ‘church’ is often used to describe a building where Christians meet, the Church is really the people, not the building.
  • The bible paints a picture of us as a ‘body’, with different parts, each with its own special function, with Jesus at the head. That’s why you’ll find different parts of the Church doing different things to touch the community.
  • Most Church congregations meet together on Sundays and other times to enjoy each others’ company, for teaching and to worship God together; but our worship doesn’t only happen when we meet together like this – it also happens throughout our daily lives as we serve God.
  • In fact, the most exciting things that happen in the church in Maidstone don’t happen on Sunday in our meeting places but from Monday to Saturday, all around our community! You’ll discover some of these things on this website.

If you have questions or comments about the Church in Maidstone, we’d love to hear from you.