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Running a Church, ministry or project?

We hope to include every Christian Church congregation and Christian ministry that’s touching the community in Maidstone. Projects, initiatives and church congregations participating in Touch Maidstone have committed to unity through the Maidstone Covenant, which is as follows:

We resolve:
To pray for each other;
To network together;
To work alongside each other.
As we serve our town,
in the name of God
who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If your project or congregation is missing from Touch Maidstone, here’s what to do:

  • If your project or ministry is run by a local Church congregation, first check whether your congregation has agreed to the Maidstone Covenant above. If it has, it should be listed on our ‘Church Groups & Congregations‘ page. If not, to join Touch Maidstone we simply need an email sent to confirming that the leadership team of the congregation (PCC, eldership, or equivalent leadership team) agrees to the Maidstone Covenant, along with details of the congregation and any projects or ministries that help the community.
  • If your congregation has already joined Touch Maidstone but your project or ministry is missing, simply email details to stating the name of the congregation and details of the project.
  • If your project or ministry is not run from a specific Church congregation, then the leadership team of the project itself may join Touch Maidstone by agreeing to the Maidstone Covenant. Simply email to confirm agreement and with details of the project or ministry.