Options Pregnancy Crisis Centre (Maidstone)

Options Pregnancy Crisis Centre (Maidstone) provides a safe place where anyone who is facing an unplanned pregnancy can receive free, confidential support and advice. We also offer confidential counselling to women finding it hard coming to terms with miscarriage and other kinds of baby loss, as well as anyone who may be finding memories of a past abortion difficult. The service is relaxed, friendly and non-threatening: our aim is to help you explore your options and provide support in difficult circumstances.

Perhaps you are supporting someone facing difficult decisions, we are happy to talk to you in confidence and we welcome enquiries from men as well because we recognise that men can also be deeply affected by a pregnancy or abortion.

Contact Details

An answerphone is in operation and is checked at least twice each day. If you wish to leave your details we will contact you discretely as soon as we can and, if you wish and it is possible, make arrangements to see you at a time suitable to you.